Friday, August 10, 2012

8/7/12–Our Loop Ride Doesn’t Work Out

We started our Tuesday ride around 2pm taking just snacks.  Barb had scouted out a trail where one map indicated we could make a round trip, and her other map indicated there was a break in the road with no connecting road to go through.  It was our hottest day out on the trail in the high 90’s and here are a few photos from that trip.

I wonder how long this guy has been stuck under the pile of logs?


We stopped at one point on the trail where we could look down on I-90.


Later that evening we met at Lee and Barb’s for a campfire.  I’m not sure what Lee is smoking here.


These few weeks in Montana bring back memories of a trip to Colorado in the summer of 2008 where we called ourselves the Traffic Light Gang.  Our ATV is red, Lee and Barb’s is green, Don and CC ride a yellow ATV, and Bryan and Susan followed along in their white pickup.  We sure wish the yellow and white part of our gang could be here to join us.

Traffic Light Gang

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