Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Day of Rest and Recovery

When we got up this morning, we were both pretty stiff and sore from getting bucked off the ATV yesterday.  My left wrist had the least amount of cuts and I didn’t think it caught so much of the fall, but it was hurting quite a bit by the end of the day yesterday and had a lot of swelling in it today.  I had ice packs on it for much of the day and there seems to be some improvement tonight.  Other than a couple of things we had to pick up in town, we just hung out at the RV today getting some rest.

This evening Lee and Barb joined us for happy hour and we barbecued some salmon and had some potato salad to go along with it.  It turned out pretty good.  After dinner, we just sat out in the adjoining camp sight with our after dinner drinks and talking about our past travels and future plans.


Before going back to our RV’s for the remainder of the evening, the full moon made it’s appearance.


Tomorrow we’ll be driving to visit our friends Bruce and Nena who purchased some property near Plains, MT last summer.  They’ve been busy having a septic system installed and doing other work on their property and we’re looking forward to seeing them.

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