Friday, July 15, 2011

Repairs to the RV and Errands

This morning we packed things up and drove into Anchorage for our 9:00am appointment at Cummins Northwest.  After our earlier visit there this week, they ordered a new alternator for the motorhome to resolve the problems we had been having with low voltage.  While the that work was being done, we drove to Walgreens to pick up the gel-kam that we ordered a couple of days ago and the prescription Ken needed refilled.  After another stop at Costco to pick up a few more items, we returned to Cummins and the work was already completed.  That was so much better service than we’ve received at other repair facilities.

We returned to Eagle River to fuel up at the Fred Meyer store.  They offer a $.10 per gallon discount if you’ve purchased over $100 in groceries during the month so that definitely helps with the fuel bill.  After that, we drove to the Eagle River State Recreation Area to dump the holding tanks, and then returned to Jennifer and Ian’s place for a few more days.  Summer and Corey had decided to spend the night with some friends, so we took Jennifer and Ian out to dinner at Jalapeno’s and we had a very good Mexican dinner there.

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