Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sailing in Seward

After lunch, we walked down to the marina where Kimber and Gale were getting ready to take their sailboat out into Resurrection Bay.


They are maneuvering out of the small boat harbor with their friend who is helping with setting up the sails.


As seen in the background, another cruise ship has arrived sometime during the early hours of the morning.


We walked around the harbor and saw some pretty impressive boats  (yachts?).  They appeared to be set up for charter fishing, but I think it would not be within our budget.



We spent a little too long in the harbor area, and when we got back to our RV to take a photo of Kimber and Gale out sailing they had taken down the sail to go back to the marina.



The cruise ship of the day leaves Seward.


As it gets closer to midnight, several boats are getting situated in the bay to watch the fireworks.


We planned to watch the fireworks from inside the warmth of the motorhome, and as it turned out, they were being shot off directly to the left of us and we had another RV blocking much of the view.  We sat in the front seats and were still able to enjoy the display although I didn’t get very good photos.


There were many people along the beach watching the display of fireworks.  As you can see, it isn’t very dark here at midnight.


The 4th of July has officially started and we’re anxious to see how Jennifer does in the Mount Marathon race.

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