Friday, July 1, 2011

A Laid Back Day in Seward

We woke this morning to find that two cruise ships had arrived in Seward.  It was a quiet day for us.  We did get the RV ready to travel the short distance across the street to the dump and water station.  When we got back to our site, Ken did some work on the satellite dish and the weather that had been nice earlier today started to go downhill and got colder and windier, and eventually turned to rain.  This evening the first cruise ship backed out of the harbor, completed it’s pivot and was on it’s way.


A barge pulled into the port loaded with several freight containers as well as a couple of trucks, a boat, and a trailer.



The rain continued as the second cruise ship left the harbor.


Our niece and family should be arriving in Seward later this evening so we plan on seeing them tomorrow.  That’s it until tomorrow.

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

That barge was certainly loaded heavily. Interesting to see the vehicles and trailer on top! Hope your weather improves in time for the Mt. Marathon run.