Monday, July 11, 2011

Kenai to Eagle River, Alaska

I didn’t get any decent photos today as the windshield became splattered with bugs rapidly.  Before leaving Kenai, we stopped at the Holiday station to dump the tanks, and to purchase propane and enough fuel to get by on until we got closer to Anchorage.  After that, we were on the road.  Shortly before getting to the Rusiian/Kenai River Ferry area, I saw a moose standing in a small creek at the side of the road. 

We were also keeping our eyes peeled for CoolRvers who are also members of Escapees RV Club as we knew they would be leaving Seward this morning and driving toward Soldotna.  We saw them and waved, but unfortunately my camera had just turned off and didn’t start back up in time to catch their photo.

We stopped for lunch at a turnoff along Turnagain Arm.  We continued on to Anchorage where we had an appointment with Cummins as we’ve had problems a couple of times now with the check engine light coming on and going into alarm.  It was also reflecting a drop in voltage, and after a short time each time it happened, it would recover and we’d be on our way.  Ken thought there might be either a problem with a loose wire (the battery cables were okay) or the alternator.  We had to wait for a while before a mechanic could check things out.  It was determined that we would have to replace the alternator and there is nothing available in Alaska so one will be shipped here and we’ll get that installed on Friday.  It’s an expense we’d rather not incur, but it will give us peace of mind when we travel back to the lower 48 as we would prefer not to break down in an isolated area.

We continued on to our nephew Ian’s house where we will be able to continue exploring the Anchorage area and a few other close by towns.


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