Friday, July 8, 2011

Here a Moose, There a Moose

Once we got going this morning, we headed into town to get caught up on some laundry.  That went pretty fast and before going back to the motorhome, we stopped for lunch at the Burger Bus.  We took the clean clothes back to the RV and put them away then started our trip for the day.  We started out going north on Marathon Road which according to one of our area guides promised to be a place to see caribou herds.  That was not the case, but we had a few moose sightings.  The first one was at the beginning of our drive.


2And close to the end of the Marathon Road, we saw this yearling bull moose hanging out with it’s mom.  In this photo you can see it’s antlers beginning to sprout.


The cow moose got a little nervous with her yearling on the other side of the road and now she has him under her watchful eye.


We continued our drive to the end of the road and turned around.  In that time, mother and son decided to take a rest.


After finishing that drive, it was still early so we continued on to take the Funny River Road in Soldotna.  We stopped at the Kenai River Fish Center.  This stained glass window was really beautiful.


Several people were down at the river fishing, bought nobody seemed to be catching any fish.


It is amazing to see the walkways and stair steps they have built in this area to allow fisherman to get down to the river to fish.


A fishing boat goes by on the river.


We continued on up the river and actually crossed the Funny River and drove close to the end of the road before returning.  We stopped at Fred Meyer’s on the return trip to pick up some food for dinner and went on to enjoy a meal at Kimber and Gale’s house.

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