Monday, July 18, 2011

A Hedgehog, Earthquake, Iditarod, and Bears

A couple of days ago, Jennifer decided to take her nephew’s hedgehog for use in her classroom at school this year.  Today she brought him home where he will stay until school starts.  Cozmo was anxious to meet him close up and personal too, but that wasn’t going to happen much to his disappointment.


Jennifer and the girls went on a hike this afternoon with a friend and her children, so after lunch Ian joined us for a trip to Anchorage to go to the Earthquake Experience Theater.  We watched a 15 minute film and sat in chairs that shook a couple of times to simulate an earthquake.  There were several exhibits throughout the building with photos and statistics about the 1964 earthquake.  This next photo is showing photos from Seward and the boat shown is still sitting on the road going out to Lowell Point.


Next we walked over to the Bear and Raven Theater on E Street to watch a film about the Iditarod.  For $5 extra they also had a film about bears in Alaska so we also went to that.  The show included some the extra effects of a snow storm and the Northern Lights.  The girl at the ticket counter had no idea how to handle the free tickets that Jennifer had sent with us so she returned them so they could be used again.  I’m sure Summer and Corey will be able to enjoy the show at a later date.  The film about the bears centered on the bears in the McNeil River fishing for salmon.  It was made to be very entertaining for children, but we likeed it as well.  There were also several displays in the lobby area for photos as shown in the next two shots.



This is our last evening in Eagle River with Ian, Jennifer, Summer and Corey and we will really miss our time with them.  We’ve had a very special time this summer with both his and Kimber’s families, but it’s time for us to move on.  We have reservations in Denali National Park for 4 nights starting next Monday and we have plans to stop in Wasilla and Talkeetna prior to our stay there.

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