Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bore(ing) Tide Day at Turnagain Arm

Ken picked up some information at one of the visitor’s centers we had visited about upcoming bore tides in Turnagain Arm.  From this website about bore tides, it indicates that “The bore tide is a rush of seawater that returns to a shallow and narrowing inlet from a broad bay. Bore tides come in after extreme minus low tides created by the full or new moon.”  If you want to click on the link, it has much more interesting information.  We decided to make an afternoon of it and take Summer and Corey along with us to see the bore tides.  We were expecting possibly 3 foot waves with the incoming tide, but were disappointed that there were only small waves as shown in the next few photos.  Some of the waves were made more distinctive with kind of a whitecap effect that made them easier to follow as they came in.  We made three stops along Turnagain Arm:  first at Beluga Point, then a pullout near Indian Point, and finally a stop at Bird Point.







Ken, Summer and Corey at our stop near Indian Point.



Bird Point has a very nice walkway and overlook where we watched for the bore tide, which ended up kind of boring since we didn’t get the wave action we expected.  We did turn around toward the parking area and got a view on the hillside of a Dall sheep (the small white spot to the right of the strip of snow).


And there were also two black bear on the hill.  So the day wasn’t an entire bust!


Summer fell asleep in the back seat on the way back to town.


It was a great day even though the bore tide didn’t produce spectacular waves.  Tomorrow we take the motorhome into the Cummins repair facility in Anchorage to get the new alternator installed.

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