Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mooses Tooth Dinner and Sightseeing Near Anchorage

This afternoon we went with Ian and family to the Mooses Tooth for pizza to celebrate their nephew’s birthday.  After getting full on pizza and cake, Ian drove us to the downtown area where he showed us the Alaska Railroad yard and facilities.  After that we drove to a turnoff near a fish hatchery on Ship Creek.  It is a fast flowing creek with clear water and is very scenic.


This next view is looking toward the hatchery area.


Corey and Summer threw a few rooks into the water.


We also took a drive up the Arctic Valley Road to the ski area.  It is all gravel road but offers an outstanding view of Anchorage and the Cook Inlet.


Jennifer took our photo, but using the cell phone for photos doesn’t let you see the view.  We should have brought our cameras!


Back at the house, we were inside visiting when a sudden heavy rainstorm started.  Cozmo loves to chase and attack water, and the rain pouring out of the gutter provided him with lots of wet fun.


Ian was able to get some time off work on Sunday and Monday, so we’ll primarily be having some continued visiting with family before we continue north.

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Rick and Paulette said...

Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.