Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Frustrating Day

For the last couple of days we haven’t been able to get the propane side of our hot water to ignite.  Ken took an air hose to it and also tried igniting it with a lighter to no avail.  I was also making some calls to get a prescription called in to a local pharmacy.  After making the calls, we drove to Anchorage to a couple of RV parts businesses and purchased a new gas control valve for the hot water heater.  While in town we got a call back from our doctor’s office telling Ken they would not call in his prescription.  This is after we had made it a point to visit with the doctor prior to leaving on this trip and the doctor assuring us that the prescriptions would be okay.  We also made a stop at Costco to pick up another special order of gel-cam (a dental treatment) and they’re unable to get it earlier than 2 weeks from now.  We also checked at Walmart without any luck.

We did drive up Eagle River Road and took one of the side roads up the hill and found this small waterfall.


It looks like tomorrow will be a day of making phone calls trying to get the prescription problem resolved and Ken will be trying to get the hot water heater repaired.  The new part is not exactly the same as the old one even though the part number is the same.  It sounds like a fun day is in store for us.

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Jack B. Nimble said...

Same thing happened to me with a prescription for b/p medication. I checked to make sure that I'd have no trouble renewing. A few months into my trip the idiot doctor wanted me to come in for a blood test. I told him I was in Oregon (he was in Georgia). He said he would give me one week worth to give me time to get home! I told him to put his prescription where the sun doesn't shine. I had to change all my travel plans. I called all over and finally got an appointment with a female doc-in-the-box who said she would help me. She couldn't believe that he wouldn't give me the medication - it's not a controlled substance and my b/p was under control. It's the only medication I take. It wouldn't have been so hard to get it taken care of, but I couldn't leave Jack in the car (heat) and wait in a doctor's office, and Most places wanted an appointment. One clinic told me it would be a six hour wait.

And, my water heater doesn't work - period! So, see, you are not alone!! :-)