Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eagle River to Wasilla, AK

It was another day of plans made in jello. After uploading yesterday’s blog, I started reading on my new Kindle. Taking a short break from it, I turned it off and came back a few minutes later and it would not start again. There were no lights, but I left it on the charger all night, but from everything I could research, the battery was dead. So we decided to take it back to a Best Buy this morning to see what they could do for us since we wouldn’t be near one for close to two months otherwise. As they didn’t open until 10am, that delayed our start to Wasilla. We drove down to the Best Buy and waited until they opened and we were sent to the customer service counter. The clerk looked at our receipt and had me go back to the Kindle area, pick out a new one and bring it up for an exchange, and we were on our way. We were hoping to meet up with Cool Judy of Cool Rvers, but she was unable to meet us. Fortunately with the RVing lifestyle, we’ll meet her and her husband Luke some other place down the road. We drove back to Ian and Jennifer’s and got the RV ready for travel and were on the road soon after that. We crossed the Knik River bridge as seen in this next photo.


As we drove to Wasilla, the engine dropped in voltage again. Drat!!! We thought we had taken care of that problem when we had it in to Cummins last Friday and paid close to $1200 for a new alternator. Ken made a few phone calls, and it looks like we’ll have a change of plans for our future travels. We’ve decided to continue on to Talkeetna on Thursday, then on to Denali National Park next Monday for four nights. From there, we’ll return to Anchorage to make sure the engine problems are resolved as we certainly don’t want any problems as we head back to the lower 48.

After getting settled in at our new site at the Palmer Elks in Wasilla, we drove the Knik-Goose Bay Road as well as the Point MacKenzie Road. This next photo is of Sleeping Lady, the mountain in the background.


We got out to a point where there was a view of airplanes taking off from the airport in Anchorage.


We even got a glimpse of Anchorage across the Knik Arm.


This is looking back at Eagle River where we left earlier in the day.


Our plan for tomorrow is a sightseeing trip to Hatcher Pass. We hope to have some great photos to upload for that trip so stay tuned.

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Linda A. said...

Enjoying your blog and your pictures...We've got to see
some of Alaska through you that we
have never seen. Thanks
Keep up the good work!
Ron and Linda