Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Resolving the Prescription and Hot Water Heater Problems

Today was not a typical tourist day as we continued to work on resolving the prescription and hot water heater problems that started yesterday.  The part that we picked up yesterday to repair the propane portion of our hot water heater was the wrong part.  As a result of that, we drove back to Anchorage and fortunately the service center had the correct gas control valve so were able to switch them and be on our way.  We then decided to try going to Walgreens to see if their pharmacy would have the gel-kam.  They didn’t have it stock but assured us that they could have it there by Friday.  Since that turned out to be a positive result, I asked the pharmacist if they would be able to help us get Ken’s prescription filled using one of his other doctors.  She said they could do that too, so hopefully that will take care of the prescription refill.  With that accomplished we got back in the truck, and as we were about ready to drive out, when we saw this accident and called it in.  The car on the right received a lot of damage when it rear-ended the car with the open door.  Once emergency personnel were on the scene, we continued on our way. 


We stopped for lunch at Peggy’s Restaurant, across from the airport on the Glenn Highway.  It’s in an older building and locals coming out told us it’s been around for years and that they put out a good meal.  We enjoy trying out the local restaurants when we do go out as opposed to going to the chains.  This one was nothing to write home about, but it was okay.

We also did a little bit of shopping at Barnes & Noble, and Walmart then went back to the motorhome for the rest of the day.  Jennifer fixed dinner for us tonight and that meal was one we really enjoyed.  Jennifer’s mother Sharon joined us for dinner along with Summer and Corey.

Tomorrow we’ll actually be doing some tourist things again.  That will be a nice change of pace!


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