Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wine Country and Whales

We played tourists today and planned a drive that would take us on a loop north to Paso Robles, west to Cambria with a jog north to see the elephant sea lions, then south to Morro Bay and looping back to the Elks lodge at Atascadero.  As we headed west on Hwy 46 from Paso Robles, we passed numerous wineries.  In addition to their competition for the best wine, they also seem to compete for the biggest and best facility.  There were some very unusual and amazing architectural designs along our route.





Heading down the hill through the rolling green hills, we caught our first sight of the Pacific Ocean.



We drove through the city of Cambria to drop off some mail at a post office and then returned to Hwy 1 to continue north.


About 15 miles north of Cambria, there are some large areas of beach where elephant seals are in population at various times of the year.

Some prefer a spot on the beach alone.


Others seem to like close proximity to others.


Occasionally a few will wander into the ocean to cool off and go for a swim.


We didn’t count them, but there were elephant seals spread out on the beach as far as we could see.


And some were quite outspoken.


As we returned along the walkway to the truck, Ken spotted this small lizard.


We continued driving north to a lighthouse which turned out to be a closed area.  We turned around and drove south.  Ken spotted a whale blow, so we spent the rest of the afternoon watching the humpback whales as they headed north.



As we headed back to the RV, we took a side road in the San Simeon area and spotted this purple flower which I had never seen before.


On our return trip heading east on Hwy 46, Ken spotted this wild pig grazing in a nearby field.


She had five piglets, but only four were caught by the camera.


Tomorrow we plan to finish the lower half of the loop drive we wanted to take today.

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