Monday, April 30, 2012

Santa Clara, CA to Santa Rosa, CA

The Santa Clara Elks lodge office was scheduled to be open at 9:00am this morning, so we planned our departure to fit with that as we had keys to the dump station and water to turn in to the office so that we could get our deposit back.  We dumped the holding tanks, hooked up the pickup, turned in the keys, and headed north on Hwy 101.


We noticed this unusual looking hangar at an airport as we drove by.


As we were getting nearer to the Golden Gate Bridge, I noticed these flags on the lampposts.  Obviously, it must be the 75th anniversary of the bridge.


My photos today aren’t the greatest, but here’s our approach to the bridge.  As opposed to our last trip over the bridge a few years ago when everything was fogged over, there were some beautiful views today.  Unfortunately, looking through my side window produced a bad reflection on any photos taken from that angle.


In this photo, we’re about halfway across the bridge.


Continuing our journey north to Santa Rosa, Ken spotted this Citoen in the right lane, so I took a couple of photos of it.



We pulled into the Sonoma County Fairgrounds RV Park around 12:30pm and got set up.  We had originally planned to be here for at least 2 nights to do a little bit of research on my grandfather who was from this area.  However, the camp host got confused in signing us in and he only charged us for one night instead of two.  He came by a few minutes later to let us know what had happened.  After the long day yesterday going over Ken’s family history with his cousins, I wasn’t too interested in doing any more research and we were both getting tired of the big city atmosphere, so we will continue on north tomorrow.

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Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

The large hanger at Moffit Field NAS used to house blimps. I think there used to be three blimp hangers. I grew up in Redwood City, just north of there. We also had large mountains of Leslie (?) Salt that was taken from the SF Bay that you could see from Hwy 101.