Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/13–4/15/2012 Arizona City, AZ

On Friday, we had to remove the security door on the left side and relocate it for a better fit.  After the doors were in place to Ken’s satisfaction, he painted the bolts to better match the paint on the doors.


This is pretty much the completed look of the security doors.


I spent a good part of the day taking things from the house and back to the RV for our travels.  Ken also completed his work on our ATV.  With that task completed, we took a short ride around the area.


On Saturday, I received a call from Sheila to see if we had any plans for dinner.  My plans had been for leftovers, so we gladly accepted an invitation to Glenn and Sheila’s for dinner.  She informed me that we would not be guinea pigs as she had tried this recipe before.  The photo does not do it justice, but the meal and the company was great!  The main dish was pork slow cooked in a sauce of poblano and jalapeno peppers along with as I recall onion, garlic, cumin and some other spices…very good!  The side dishes were sweet potatos, rice and caesar salad.  And I just realized I missed the photo of dessert:  pecan pie…yum!


Today (Sunday), we were kept busy continuing with our preparations for leaving Arizona and heading north.  Ken installed the security cameras on the outside of the house that work with our security system.  Our neighbor had informed Ken the other day about how a friend of his had termites go through a wall and eat into the back of the cardboard on a very old family photo.  With that in mind, we went through the house moving all photos and cardboard based items away from the walls for the time we’re gone.

We’ll have a busy week ahead of us continuing to get ready for moving on and we already have some pretty full days plans for Monday and Tuesday…more on that after the fact.

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