Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Day Trip to Morro Bay, CA

Our drive today took us through downtown Atascadero as we headed for Hwy 41 to Morro Bay.



As we turned south on Hwy 41, we found a different type of terrain from what we traveled yesterday through the vineyard country with the rolling hills.  Today found us in a heavily forested that hugged the highway.


As the landscape opened up a bit more, we found ourselves in avocado country.  There were large orchards everywhere we looked with avocado trees.


We stopped when we saw this sign for the Avocado Country Store.



Neither of us had seen a avocado tree before, so we had to get a couple of close up photos of the avocados ripening on the tree.



Getting closer to Morro Bay, we found a couple of distinctive landmarks.

Three smoke stacks from a generator plant.


And then there is Morro Rock out in the bay.


We drove through Morro Bay State Park to check it out.  There were squirrels running around all over the place there.  This little guy was resting comfortably on a picnic table apparently waiting for delivery service.


After driving north of town for a short distance, I got this shot of Morro Rock as we headed south.


It’s amazing to see how they’ve stacked houses on the hillsides here.


After enjoying a wonderful seafood lunch at Giovanni’s in Morro Bay we drove south along the bay and then headed back north to get another angle on Morro Rock.


This “woody” was sitting in front of a business in the downtown area.


As we continued our drive south, we went through Baywood Park area and Ken saw this fenceline and turned around so I could get a photo.  Just in case you can’t read it, the sign was for a business with Breakthrough as part of their name.


We continued our trip through Los Osos and into San Luis Obispo to catch Hwy 101 and our return to the Elks lodge in Atascadero.  Although we had leftovers stashed in our refrigerator, we opted to have dinner at the Elks tonight.  The meal of the night was beef stroganoff and it was a wonderful meal and Elks members here have been very hospitable.  We’ll be continuing our journey north in the morning as we head toward Santa Clara for our next stop.

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Russ Krecklow said...

That's some eye catching advertisement for sure! Never have seen anything quite like it...very innovative. Thanks for sharing your pictures from an area we enjoy.