Friday, April 27, 2012

Lettuce Wine on our Way to Santa Clara

We left the Atascadero Elks lodge around 9:00am this morning and started our travels north on Hwy 101 toward Santa Clara where we plan to spend at least 3 nights.


We passed by an area populated with several oil wells in a close area.


Once again, we passed several vineyards along the highway.


We were even passed by an official Google Earth street view camera atop a car.


The trees on the left served as either a privacy fence or wind barrier.


We had to slow down and move into the left lane due to an accident this morning.


The CHP officer seems to be kicking something off the road.


It looks like the price of lettuce will be going up real soon!


A fresh crop of lettuce was just starting to show in this field.  Perhaps the price won’t go up too soon.


This field looks close to being ready to harvest.


Lettuce is being harvested in this field.


We’re getting closer to San Jose.


We arrived at the Santa Clara Elks lodge and got set up in our parking place for the next three nights.  After lunch, we took a tour of the area, ran some errands and returned to the RV for the evening.


While here in Santa Clara, Ken will be meeting with a distant cousin he has recently found out about who has a family bible dating back to the early 1800’s.  Another distant cousin who we met with last spring on our way north is driving down so that they can all get together.  It should be an interesting weekend meeting new family members.

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Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

Well, we are getting closer to each other again. If you make it across the Bay, we are at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton until May 7. Safe travels.