Monday, April 9, 2012

4/1–4/9/12 in Arizona City, AZ

We left RV Renovators in Mesa, AZ on Sunday 4/1/12 and returned to Arizona City.  I didn’t take many photos during the week, but we kept busy with routine chores along with a few special events.  We met Glenn and Sheila last Monday for dinner at Eva’s which is a very good Mexican restaurant on Sunland Gin Road just a few miles from here.

This last Saturday, we hosted a happy hour at the house with 3 other couples joining us:  Glenn & Sheila, Ken & Joanne, and Andy & Diane.  We had a very enjoyable evening visiting and enjoying the weather outside.

Ken has been busy constructing a new jigsaw puzzle box to replace the one that is falling apart.  Of course, I had to take the time to put together a puzzle to try it out.  Here are the photos:

The puzzle board from the old caddy as well as two sorting boards still fit in the new caddy.


This is the new puzzle caddy.  Velcro pieces are used on the sides and top to hold it together.  The screws at the bottom are holding a long hinge in place.


And here it is opened with just the foam pieces inside.


After testing it out with a puzzle in progress, we decided to use one side of the old cardboard puzzle caddy as a filler so that pieces won’t shift when on it’s side.

We’re still hoping to be headed north in the next week to 10 days.  The temperatures have been in the 90’s the last couple of days and will be again on Tuesday.  Tomorrow we’re headed to Tucson again to visit our hunting partners from Idaho.  Hopefully our security door will be arriving at Home Depot in the next couple of days and we’ll be able to get that installed before we start our journey.  Other than that, we’ll be slowly packing the RV with items we’ll be needing in our travels.

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