Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Trip to Tucson and Installing Our New Security Door

On Tuesday, we headed to Tucson for a visit with our Idaho hunting partners, Jim and Mary Lou.  On our way to their house, we stopped by the office of their daughter Gail to visit her for a while.  It was very interesting to learn about what her company does which is electronics that are in several innovations including cell phones and Cochlear implants among several other items.  After getting to Jim and Mary Lou’s house, we visited for about an hour and then went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant we tried on our last visit with them.  It is called Mosaic and if I recall correctly it is close to the intersection of Grant Rd and Silverbell.  On the way home, we had stops at Costco and Walmart to pick up a few items we needed.

On Wednesday, we found out that our special order security door for the slider in the back of the house had arrived at Home Depot. After completing a few chores around the house and RV, we drove to Casa Grande to pick it up. It was windy that afternoon, so we decided to wait to start the installation until Thursday. However, Ken took several measurements and planning out how it would be installed.

Ken started the installation Thursday morning and found that the lag screws included with the door were too short. That meant another trip to Home Depot to get some that would work better. We really need to purchase some stock in that company! Smile  Here are a few photos of our progress today.




Toward the end of our work day, Ken decided we would have to make some adjustments and move the door on the left side.  We decided to put the tools away and continue the project on Friday.


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