Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Relaxing Day and Some Ebook Recommendations

Today we did pretty much nothing other than relaxing around the RV.  Ken was busy getting his genealogy records fixed up in preparation for meeting a new cousin on Sunday and I read for most of the day.  Since I’ve been reading a lot of books on my Kindle since leaving Arizona City, I’m going to recommend a few of the better books in the blog and include links for anyone who is interested in purchasing them (if you do purchase, I might earn four cents from the sale).

The ebook I finished earlier today is Abducted by T. R. Ragan.  It’s the first in a series about Lizzy Gardner, a P.I. who had been abducted 14 years earlier and somehow managed to escape from the serial killer.  Now he’s back and seems to know everything about her family and friends and is trying to draw her back into his web.  This Kindle ebook sells for $2.99 and I’m impressed enough with this author that I already purchased the second book in the series.  There are so many free and inexpensive books available for the Kindle, that it hasn’t bothered me at all to avoid some of the best selling mystery/suspense/thriller author’s books that I usually read.  I’ll admit that several of these books have poor editing, don’t develop the characters well, or something else is just lacking.  But this one drew me in right away and I didn’t notice any problems with editing or any other problems that made me want to put it down.


Another book I finished this week was Double Exposure by Michael Lister.  It was different in how conversations were carried on in the book.  Usually when I read a book, a character’s conversation is contained within quotation marks.  In this book, conversations were started on separate lines starting with __ and then whatever was said.  The premise of this book is that main character is a photographer who has some hidden wildlife cameras out on property in Florida and the camera catches photos of a woman being murdered.  The murderer catches on that he’s been photographed, and for the rest of the book, the photographer is on the run for his life by not just the one man, but 5 or 6 others.  It kept me interested enough to finish the book and I would read something like it again.

And lastly, I read the 4th in the Manny Williams series:  Caribbean Rain by Rick Murcer.  Manny started out as a criminal profiler for a police department, but is now doing that for the FBI.  His associates have followed him to the FBI for work.  The characters have been well developed throughout the series and I’ve not noticed anything in the editing that has slowed me down or made me question anything.

So that does it for my ebook recommendations for the night.  I guess I shouldn’t be so critical of editing problems and otherwise since I couldn’t do a better job myself, but it does help so much in the reading of a book.

Tomorrow we will be meeting a new cousin in Ken’s line of relatives along with one we met last year in Vancouver, WA.  It should be and interesting day and I will hopefully have some photos to add to the blog.


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