Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18/12–Packing Up for Our Move North from Arizona City

We spent a good portion of our day getting things packed and ready to go.  We started out in the garage and loaded things to go with us in the RV and then I drove them over and we packed things into the bays.  It was pushing 93 degrees today, so we were pretty slow moving.  I finished up the last of the laundry to be done in the house, and we pulled our utility trailer into our neighbor’s backyard as he wants to be able to use it for a project this summer.

After lunch, Ken continued to sort things out in the garage and decide what all he wanted to take with us.  We unhooked a couple of the outside water hoses and dismantled them enough so that the mischievous children walking through the neighborhood wouldn’t be able to turn the water on and let it run while we’re away.  Ken set up a garbage can in the house and in the garage and filled them with water for moisture in the house during the dry hot summer.  We’ve also put anything with cardboard that can be affected by termite damage up on the beds and away from walls.




After a long hot day working on our packing, Ken suggested we drive over to the Moose lodge for a drink and to say goodbye to friends we’ve met there.  On our arrival, we saw a familiar looking car in the parking lot, and knew Diane and Andy would be there.  As we walked into the building, we quickly spotted them along with another couple who happened to be camping in one of the lodge’s RV spaces.  We were introduced to Pam and Ross.


After meeting them, I thought about it for a minute and remembered hearing our friends Jerry and Sue talking about Ross and Pam.  So I immediately asked them if they were members of Elks and if they had a motorcycle and if they knew Jerry and Sue.  Sure enough, it was a mutual friend and we all a great time visiting and getting to know each other.

From left to right:  Pam, Ross, Andy, Ken and Diane.  Sorry about the glare from the sun.


We hadn’t planned on dinner at the Moose, but we were talked into staying for Sharon’s burritos which is one of the popular meals here.  We saw them coming out of the kitchen and they were quite large, so Ken and I decided to share one.  They were very good, so we’ll definitely be back when we return next winter.

Since we were out later than planned, we decided to put off loading the ATV into the truck until tomorrow.  We’re ready to be getting on the road again especially considering that the weather is going to be breaking the 100 degree temperatures this weekend.  It’s time to be heading north.

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