Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/16–4/17/12–Arizona City, AZ

Well…another of couple days without any photos.  On Monday morning, it was time for laundry for items that aren’t easily handled while on the road.  The bedroom was attacked first with a load of sheets, and I had time to wash the blanket and quilt also.  Later, all of the throw rugs were washed and later put out onto the line to dry in the warm Arizona sun.  I loaded up the truck with all of our garbage and we made a run to the landfill in Eloy.  From there, we drove on up to Casa Grande to pick up a new hose for the shower and some antifreeze to use in the sink drains in the house before we leave here.

Our next stop was the Safeway store where the ATM machine spit out some more money for us to spend.  We didn’t waste any time taking some of that money over to the deli to purchase a couple of their sandwiches for our lunch.  From there we started driving to Walmart for some grocery shopping before heading home, but took a diversion to the Verizon store to upgrade my phone before they hit us with the $30 upgrade fee.  Staples was nearby, so I was able to pick up a few other supplies I needed for my Ebay sales, etc.

From there, we made the trip to Walmart, stocked up on some grocery items and headed back to the RV.  That evening, we had invited Phil and Joanne (our neighbors who watch the house while we’re away) to dinner.  We went to the Golden 9 in Eloy which is one of there favorites and had a great meal.

Today we spent the morning getting a few things together that will be packed into the RV.  Our Idaho hunting partners, Jim and Mary Lou, showed up around noon for a visit.  They had been up here about a year ago to see it, but didn’t see the inside, so they got the grand tour today.  It’s Mary Lou’s birthday tomorrow, and I remembered that fact, so I had a birthday card ready to take along with us to give her at lunch.  We went to Robson Ranch which is open to the public…we’ve been there before for some good meals at a reasonable price.  After lunch, we returned to the house and I helped Jim and Mary Lou get their absentee  ballot requests sent in to Shoshone County.  Once that task was completed, they headed back to their house in Tucson and we finished a couple of things we had going on in the house.  After that, it was a quiet evening of tv and book reading in the RV.

We will be kept very busy the next couple of days.  We have plans to load the ATV into the truck tomorrow and we’ll see how things shake out from there.

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