Saturday, June 11, 2011

Suds, Fish & Wine

This morning we watched this double kayak hauled into Kachemak Bay for a fishing trip


How would you like to fight in a fish of any weight from this mode of transportation?


It just doesn’t look that comfortable for fishing.


Our first order of business this morning was getting caught up on laundry as it was stacking up so we were off to get things into suds and cleaned up.  The washing machines here in Homer are $4 per machine and a dryer is $.25 for 4 minutes.  But there’s a trick here to help speed up the drying.  They have a centrifuge machine in the laundromat, and we stuffed everything into it, and for $.75 it got rid of a lot of excess water still in the clothes.  After completing that task, we brought things back to the RV and once the clothes were put away, we headed out for lunch.  When we were at the Elks lodge the other day, Angie the bartender recommended trying the fish & chips at Captain Patties on the pit.  It was much better than what we had tried on the day we arrived in Homer.  We drove to one of the halibut charters that was recommended by the captain on our Seldovia ferry ride yesterday to check out what they had to offer and then to a local seafood market to check out their prices.  We left there still undecided about what we would do so we’ll think about it.  We then headed to the local hardware store to pick up a new toaster since the old one is toast.  From there, we drove to the Bear Creek Winery to purchase a couple of bottles of their wine.  Back at the RV, there was a bald eagle sitting on the tsunami warning alarm and it sat there for quite a long time.  Here’s one of the better photos.


And that’s it for today!

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