Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some of the Seward Scenery

We spent most of the day at the RV while Ken took care of some minor maintenance items.  Marathon Mountain sits behind us and this is where Ian’s wife Jennifer will be doing her run on the 4th of July.  The annual race starts in the downtown area for 1.5 miles to the top of Marathon Mountain and back.  Jennifer has been running this race for several years and does quite well  so we’re excited to be here to cheer her on this year.


We woke up this morning to see that another cruise ship had arrived in Seward.


We took a drive this afternoon out to Lowell Point.  Ken wanted to get some information about Caines Head by stopping at Miller’s Landing which has a ferry shuttle service for hikes in that area.  Ken had heard that there had been Army quarters in a cave at that point, but they could only affirm that there was a dock at that location and other structures on top of the hill.  This is a waterfall close to the road at Lowell Creek.


This picture doesn’t really do it any justice, but the cedar shakes are placed to outline an angel blowing a horn.


This evening a bald eagle landed on one of the pilings in front of the RV.


The eagle remained perched on the piling as the cruise ship backed out of the bay.


A couple of young women walked down to the beach this evening and walked out into the water for a swim.


After a short swim, they walked out of the water and to their car in the parking lot.


Tomorrow will be another adventure of some kind.

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