Monday, June 20, 2011

Combat Fishing on the Confluence of the Kenai and Russian Rivers

We left the Kenai Moose Lodge this morning and stopped for fuel at the Fred Meyer in Soldotna.  It was $4.629 per gallon for diesel (prices are coming down…YES!!!).  We then continued east on the Sterling Highway to our destination of Quartz Creek USFS Campground about 8 miles east of where our nephew Ian and his family are camped in the Russian River Campground.  We got set up in our site, had our lunch, then drove back to see Ian.  His co-worker Ashley and wife and daughter are camping there also.  After visiting for a while, it was decided that we would all go fishing at about 3pm.


The mile hike to the fishing area did not seem too appealing to us, so we opted to drive to the Russian River Ferry where we took the ferry across to where we would be fishing and waited for the others to join us.


This is what combat fishing on the confluence of the Russian and Kenai Rivers is like…wall to wall people.  As we were waiting for Ian, Ken was walking around taking photos and I was people watching and at one point happened to look back at the trail behind us.  Something caught my eye, and I found a salmon lying on the trail.  I had Ken come over to take a look and nobody seemed to be watching our way, so the fish quickly disappeared into one of the bags we brought with us for our catch.  This kind of fishing is great!


Ian on the left and his friend Ashley join the crowd.


Back at the entrance to our campground, this little guy looks somewhat familiar.  Where have we seen him before?  Could he be a relation to someone we know?


Back at the RV, we had a meal of leftovers and I vacuum sealed our catch of the day.  Our parking pass for the ferry area is good until 3pm tomorrow, so we’ll be going back there for some more fishing.

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Sweet Sue said...

Hope you had good luck fishing today! Looks like an interesting setup...