Sunday, June 26, 2011

Portage Valley

This afternoon we headed out for a couple of hours driving around the Portage Valley.  Our first stop was the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center where we saw this glacial ice floating in front of the building.  Later in the afternoon, a ranger giving a talk on glaciers informed us that the depth of this floating piece of ice is probably about 30’ deep.


We went through the museum and watched a film called Voices from the Ice.  It starts off showing and including the noise of several glacier calvings and was very impressive.


This last photo is one Ken took of the glacier situated behind our campground.


This is our last day in the Portage Valley and tomorrow we will drive to Seward to stay through the 4th of July.  The Last Frontier Gang including  Sharon and Don, Dennis and Carol, and Marilyn and Larry will be headed north from Seward tomorrow so we’re likely to pass them on our way there.  They’re at a point where they’ll be getting way ahead of us in their travels as they all need to be at Escapade at the end of August and we don’t need to be crossing into the lower 48 until after Labor Day weekend.

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