Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bears, Views, Gulls and Girls

We did the usual morning routine and packed our lunch and headed to Ian’s campsite on the Russian River.  We sat around and visited for quite a while and then Ian and the girls planned on a hike to the Russian River Falls which is about 5 miles.  Opting not to do that, we decided to take a loop road off the Sterling Highway on Skilak Lake Road.  After turning off the highway, we saw this black bear at the side of the road.


The next three photos are various view shots we took while driving this road.  The Milepost gave us the impression that the road would travel along the lake giving us spectacular views the entire route.  That was not the case, but we made several stops that did have some great views.




When we returned to the campground, Ian and family were still out on there hike so we walked down to the river and walked that trail for a while.  When the fishing was good with a run a couple of days ago, people clean their fish down at the river and throw what’s left into the faster moving current.  A seagull is enjoying it’s meal on the carcass.


We continued on down the river to a spot where some people told us there had been a bear there in the last hour.  Ken got this great series of photos of the bear coming out of the brush, going into the river to get the remainders of a salmon, then take it back into the brush to feed it’s cubs.








After Ken returned back to the campsite from watching the bear, Ian and the girls returned to camp from their hike.  Jennifer was a bit hungry from all that exercise.


Summer takes time to smile for the camera.


And Corey (the girl who plays with fire) also had time for a quick smile.


We headed back to our campground for dinner and relaxing.  Tomorrow we will be headed to Portage to tour that area as well as Whittier, Girdwood, and possibly a trip into Anchorage to stock up on some groceries.

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Great bear photos! And it's nice to see smiles from your family. Glad you had some shorts weather.