Sunday, June 5, 2011

Russian River to Kenai, Alaska

We had less than 60 miles to drive today, so we took our time getting started this morning.  The tire pressure was starting to get a bit low on both the RV and truck, so Ken added some air to the tires.  With that task completed, we dumped the holding tanks and were on our way west to Kenai.


We stopped for diesel in Soldotna at the Fred Meyer where we had enough points on our reward card to get $.10 off the posted price of $4.719, so we paid (only???) $4.619 per gallon.  That should have been a fairly easy transaction, but it became problematic when the pump we parked at was out of order.  I had checked that our first, and saw that we could reach the hose from the other side of the pump.  I went to the cashier’s booth to prepay to make sure we received the $.10 per gallon off on the entire purchase rather than being cut off at $125 or some other arbitrary figure that they pick.  I informed her we would be using pump #5 rather than #6 since it was out of order.  She input the wrong pump number, it stopped at 35 gallons, and we ended up with 4 credit card receipts.  I then had to use a second credit card since it was Sunday and the bank would only accept 2 charges on that day.  Note:  To our friends headed this way, diesel in the Anchorage area is going for about $4.439 per gallon. 

With that ordeal completed, we continued on to Kenai and parked at the Moose Lodge which is just a short distance from our niece’s house.  We got set up in our site, and headed into town for lunch and a few errands and a short drive around the area.  When we returned to the RV, Ken was looking out the window and pointed out a a young moose about 100 feet from us.  We watched her for quite a while as she nibbled on fresh shoots near the road (in the first two photos).




In the remaining 4 photos, she had moved to within about 25 feet of the RV and stayed there for quite some time just enjoying her meal.









After dinner, Ken looked out and saw that she returned again.  Apparently, she’s a regular at the Moose Lodge.


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