Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fishing on the Russian River

After breakfast and our internet surfing in the morning, I packed a lunch and we headed to Ian’s campground on the Russian River.  Ian told us the fishing was just not any good, so we sat around and visited with the family and friends.  After lunch, some of the kids wanted to walk down to the river and fish, so we went down there to watch for a while.  Not too much was going on, so we walked back up to the campground to visit again.  Around 4pm one of the kids walked up and said the fish were running, so we walked back down to take a look.  It was quiet for a while, but soon someone across the river caught a fish, and the action started.  Ian went up to camp to get his gear and also brought a pole down for Ken.  Here are a few photos from the day.

During the down times, the kids (and some of the big kids) drove around the campground on this mini motorcycle.  Here is Ashley with his daughter Michaela.


From Ian’s campsite, we walk to the Russian River down this flight of stairs.


Once down at the river, a portion of the trail is covered with rubber mats to help prevent erosion from the heavy use.


Ian is getting one of the kids set up for fishing and Jennifer is on the right.


Ken is standing on a rock to fish.


In about the middle of this photo, Ian has a fish on his line.


Ashley’s first catch of the day.


Ian has two fish on his stringer.


Ian is assisting Jennifer.


Ashley and Ian are helping two of the kids while Jennifer is pulling in a fish.


After work, Kimber drove out for the evening bringing Tyler and Grant with her.  Tyler is bringing a fish in here and it looks like Ian is doing his magic fish dance.


Grant wanted to wade across the river but settled for standing in the water near shore with Kimber getting him started.


Before we knew it, the time was 8:30pm and time to get back to our campground to let the generator run before quiet hours.

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Glad your family had some fishing success. Great photos. Are you sure you need a new camera?