Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kenai Caribou and Grant’s Toolbox

Our niece, Kimber, had to work this morning so we headed over to her house to spend a few hours with them close to noon.  On our way to her house, we were approaching the Kenai River bridge when Ken spotted a caribou in the field.  We pulled off to the side of the road to watch for a while. 


After watching for a short time, we saw three more caribou in the brush.


At one time it appeared that he was determined to cross the road, but after a couple more vehicles stopped to watch, he may have changed his mind.


His harem stepped out of the brush and continued grazing and we went on our way to Kimber’s house.


I can always count on Grant as he just loves to be in a photo.  This morning he went to Home Depot and took part in a children’s workshop and he built his very own toolbox.  Grant, you did good work!  Our niece Kimber is on the left.


Ken’s back has been bothering him for the last few days so we drove over to Soldotna to a shoe store where Gale and Kimber’s daughter-in-law works to get some sole inserts for his shoes to see if that will help resolve the back pain issue.  Tomorrow we will be moving to the Kenai Moose lodge for one night prior to our trip to the Russian River for salmon fishing with our nephew and his family.

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