Friday, June 10, 2011

Ferry Ride to Seldovia, AK from Homer

As we were starting our day this morning, we watched as a car pulled up close to the RV with a surfboard on it’s roof.  This young woman got out dressed in her wetsuit and took it out into the water.  There was no wave action, so we just watched her go back and forth standing on it and using a pole to move along the shoreline.


We had a toursaver coupon for the Seldovia Ferry which we caught at about 9:45am this morning.  It was a little late and we watched it pulling in to the dock.


In this photo we’re pulling away from the Homer spit marina.


Seldovia is only about a 45 minute boat trip, but the ferry goes by way of Gull Island and spends about 15 minutes or so to see the nesting area for seagulls.


Gull Island has an arch in it.


We saw a lot of sea otters on the way to Seldovia.


We are pulling into the Seldovia harbor.


Some businesses along the shoreline of Seldovia.


As we look back down at the harbor, this is the Kachemak Voyager, our ferry to Seldovia.


We’ve been paying way too much for fuel as it is but we’re glad not to have to buy gas in Seldovia.


During Memorial Day weekend in Seldovia there is an annual woodcarving event.  There are numerous woodcarving throughout the townsite and the next two photos show a couple of them.  This is one of an otter holding onto a starfish.


This playground equipment woodcarving has several sea otters carved into it.


There was even a Deadliest Catch Jail in town.


We walked along the boardwalk in the next couple of photos.


The boardwalk is next to the Seldovia Slough.


Salmon are beginning to run up the slough and this man is reeling in a fish.


Here is has just brought it to shore.


I thought this house close to the boardwalk had some very interesting landscaping.


We had quite a bit of rain this afternoon, and found this bookstore and coffee shop along the boardwalk and used it for a break from the weather.


Before getting back on the ferry to return to Homer, we watched these men fileting their halibut.


The men threw an occasional piece to the seagulls and the tug ‘o war was on!


And after we checked in for our return to Homer on the ferry, we got this additional woodcarving photo outside the visitor’s center.


There were times today where I felt like the weather was just too miserable to really enjoy the day.   But looking back at the photos tonight as I post this blog, it was a great day regardless of the weather conditions.


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