Saturday, June 25, 2011

Doing Our Part to Help Anchorage’s Economy

With a rainy day predicted for today, we decided to drive to Anchorage to stock up on groceries and look into getting a new camera to replace mine since it has been going through batteries and just falling down on it’s job.  From the time we started our trip driving through Canada and now in Alaska, it’s been difficult to purchase bread that is not going dry and stale.  So, our first stop was The Great Harvest Bread Company where we picked up a couple of loaves High 5 Fiber Bread.  They have several varieties available for sampling when you walk into the store along with butter to spread on the bread.  We also purchased a couple of berry muffins for Ken to try out for a change of pace in his breakfast.  From there, we drove back south to the Best Buy where it was time find a replacement for my camera.  Our friend Sharon had recently purchased a new Canon Powershot SX130IS, but it didn’t have the viewfinder that I depend on so much.  Ken was looking around and found this Fujifilm Finepix S2950 with a 18x optical zoom that was the same size as my old camera so we chose that one.


I’ve been looking into ebook readers for a long time.  I have the Kindle and Nook installed on both my PC and Droid phone, but just couldn’t decide which one I really wanted.  After doing some research, it looked like the Kindle had the better battery life, and it would have book loaning and library downloads available in the future.


I also chose a leather cover with light for the Kindle.


Ken wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant for lunch, but the ones our Garmin found seemed to be closed and we found a nearby Red Robin which is always good.  From there we picked up our groceries at Walmart and headed back to the RV.  It was still early enough that we decided to get our laundry done in Girdwood today so that we wouldn’t have to waste half the day tomorrow getting that chore completed.  The weather is looking better for tomorrow so we may be able to do some more exploring in this area.  Stay tuned.

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Congratulations on your choices of camera and Kindle. I'm sure you'll enjoy them both.