Monday, July 8, 2013

Cheyenne in the Rear View Mirror

Our last week in Cheyenne kept us busy.  Ken made a return visit to Skip for his final synthetic rooster comb knee injection.  We made a few modifications to things in and outside the RV to ready ourselves for travel.  We awaited our forwarded mail patiently…not.  The USPS is sadly lacking in it’s tracking service.  We made a trip to the post office on Friday to see if we could find out what was happening since there had been no updates other than leaving Denver on 7/4.  Anyway we pretty much figured out that if we didn’t get the mail on Saturday, we would be there until Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  We had a very good dinner out with the kids on Friday night at the local Olive Garden.

Saturday morning, I kept a vigil on for the status of our mail and with no updates, I went into the house to report that they may be stuck with us for a while.  Peggy went out to check the mail and I was amazed that she returned with our missing package.  We didn’t waste any time getting ready to hit the road (I did wake Ken from his nap), and we were ready to go before noon.  We said our goodbyes and were on I-25 north shortly before noon.

Our first stop was the rest area at Chugwater, WY for the dump station followed by lunch.  Knowing he location of the two-way dump station, we took the second entrance into the rest area only to find that three (3) trucks hauling 5th wheel trailers parked to the left side of the dump station to take a lunch break effectively blocking our entrance to the right side of the dump station.  Ken says I should have got a photo beforehand, but at after talking with them, the first one moved allowing us to move in and dump our tanks.  After dumping the tanks, Ken had to ask the last one to move ahead to allow us room to move out.  With that task completed, we found an empty RV parking area for our lunch break

We had every intention of stopping at Casper for the night, but as we approached Douglas, we decided to check out the state fairgrounds as an alternative.  That idea worked out great.

Here’s our parking spot and Ken is out making adjustments to the Wilson cellular antenna which had fallen from it’s mount.


On Sunday 7/7 we headed north to Kaycee, WY and spotted some antelope along the way.


We arrived at the Powder River Campground in Kaycee, WY which is a Passport America for $15 a night for up to 4 nights.  We decided to go with the 4 night option so here we are.  The Verizon cell phone signal is pretty bad and our Verizon internet is not that much better, but we’ll make the best of it.  We’ve got some day trips planned and will report on them later.

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