Saturday, July 13, 2013

7/13/2013–Thermopolis to Cody, WY–Buffalo Bill Center Visit

We only had 100 miles or less to get to Cody from Thermopolis today, but we got an early start to avoid the heat of the day.  Almost immediately, we were held up in a construction area.  It wasn’t too much of a wait though and we were soon on our way again.


It looks like there is still some snow in the higher country.


West of Cody, we had a few tunnels to go through near the Buffalo Bill Dam.


After getting set up in our site at Buffalo Bill State Park in the North Fork Campground, we ate lunch then headed back to Cody and the Buffalo Bill Center.

Ken spotted this nice looking Woody and teardrop trailer in the lot.



After admiring the Woody for a while, we continued on to the parking lot and went in for our tour of the Buffalo Bill Center.


We’ve been here before, so we split up with Ken heading off to the gun museum while I toured other parts of the center.

The two air rifles in the center of this next photo have been researched and it has been determined that one of them was a part of the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery although they don’t know which one it is for sure.


Another of the exhibits of guns.


While Ken was looking at guns, I went through the western art museum.  I especially enjoy the artwork of Frederic Remington and Charles Russell.

It seems like the last time we were here there was so much more of their art on display, but looking back there may have been a special exhibit room at that time.

I really enjoyed seeing the Charles Russell exhibits of letters he wrote to his good friends as they included watercolors in the header of his personal letters.


After an afternoon of touring, we returned to the RV.  Before getting there, we stopped at the check-in area and made arrangements to move to another site within this campground tomorrow instead of having to backtrack 5 miles to a much smaller site that we didn’t really like.


So back at the RV…it was our usual evening of dinner, tv and computers.  We should be able to move to our next campsite before noon tomorrow and then we’ll be heading into town for more touring.

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