Sunday, July 21, 2013

7/16/2013–Day Trip to Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park

On Tuesday, July 16th we drove north into Yellowstone National Park on a day trip headed to the northeast entrance of the park.


We were lucky to see a grizzly sow and last year’s cub along the way.


These two young ones seem to be putting their heads together to see what they could get into.


We stopped along the river to watch a bison make it across.




We saw a few of these old tour buses.


While we’ve seen very few wildlife sightings throughout the park where we would normally see them in past trips, they were very scare.  It was very interesting to get up to the Lamar Valley in the northeast section of the park to see very large herds of bison of well over 1000.



We stayed in that area long enough that we were able to tell that there was going to be a mass exodus of the herd crossing the road in front of us, so we got in a good position to get some photos.



A couple of bald eagles sat in a nearby tree to watch the show.


And after the crossing, this one had to roll around a bit in the dirt.


Bison Rolling in the Dirt


After a long day of touring we returned to the RV for the evening.

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