Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/9/2013–Kaycee, WY–Cattle Drive on Slip Road and TS Was Here

We received a call from Pete and Jo this morning that they would be arriving in Kaycee close to noon, so we did our morning thing as we waited for them to get here an get set up.  After a quick lunch, we all loaded into their jeep and headed west of town to the Slip Road where we were told there was a cattle drive going on for the next day or so of a herd of about 2300 cattle.

Here’s the start of Slip Road.


We drove up into a clearing and saw a herd of cattle looking to be all settled in so it looked like the drive was over.



We stopped for a while to talk with the cowboys (and girls) to find out they were just at a resting point until ready to move again.  We found out we were misinformed and that there were only about 350 cattle in this herd.  After a short break we decided to continue on the road to see what else we could see and there is definitely some beautiful country in this area.


What do ewe know…we found some sheep.


And and old ranch down in this draw that didn’t seem to be set up with any permanent homes, so maybe just a stop during the cattle and/or sheep drives.


We turned around and headed back the way we came an found the cattle drive continuing on up the road.


There were some beautiful red bluffs on our drive back to town.  We could see where the color in the Powder River comes from here.



We came across a spot along the road where people write their names in rocks.  Who would have known that TS had been here!


This photo just doesn’t look quite as nice as the real thing, but there is some really cool blue coloring in these rocks.


Although it’s been in the 90’s around here, the Bighorns still are capped with snow.


Back at the RV’s we enjoyed happy hour outside, but moved inside out of the wind for dinner.  We have another great trip planned for tomorrow.

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