Sunday, July 14, 2013

7/14/2013–Cody, WY–No Traffic Signs

We were wrong in assuming that we would be able to move to our next campground site prior to noon today.  It was next to the one we were currently in, and there check out time is 11am.  We started getting things ready and we watched as our new site was slowly being dismantled…and then they quit and just sat out on their lawn chairs.  We were finally able to move somewhere around 12:30pm and got set up, had lunch and headed into town for the afternoon.  We decided to head to the gun show, but as we approached that, it was obvious they were packing up and closing down for the day.  So from there we did a little bit of last minute shopping to prepare for our move into either Yellowstone or Teton National Park for the next several days and stopped to fill the truck.

Rather than driving back on the main highway, we took the South Fork Road.

We really liked the main gate going into this ranch.


The ranch buildings were also nice looking.


Our next turn was on to Stagecoach Trail which took us for the remaining distance back to our campground.

Interesting!…a sign that indicates no traffic signs.


We certainly don’t want any human-bear conflict either.


Oops!  Looks like I caught the one on the left in a slightly embarrassing position.


Back at the RV, in anticipation of several days of dry camping, we filled the fresh water tank.  Ken cleaned the front window hoping for some really good photo opportunities tomorrow and the truck is hooked up and we’re ready to go.  We’ll make a quick stop at the dump station in the morning and be in our way.

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