Tuesday, July 16, 2013

07/15/2013–Cody, WY to Teton National Park

We had a short distance to go today, but it would be slow winding roads all the way, so we were on the road early.

Ken spotted this unusual building on the hill as we headed west.


After an hour or so, we approached the east gate to Yellowstone National Park.



After going over Sylvan Pass, we went by Sylvan Lake.


As we got close to one of many construction areas, we had a view of Yellowstone Lake through the trees.


Our next obstacle was a couple of bison in the road daring cars to pass them.  There was another one off to the side of the road.


There were several pelicans resting in this pond we drove past.


Traffic slowed down quite a bit to take a look at these antique cars in a pullout.


The Tetons range.


After we got parked and had lunch at Colter Bay Campground in Teton National Park, we went out for a drive.

At our first stop, we were just sure this was a moose near the water.  We could swear we even saw it move…however, when we stopped again on our way back to the RV, we saw that we were wrong.


Our next side trip was up a road to Signal Mountain.  I’m thinking it’s called that because there was a cell phone tower at the top.

Here’s a view from the top of that road.


Another view of the Tetons.


Next we took a one way road marked Jenny Lake.  This doe and her fawn crossed the road in front of us.


At the Jenny Lake Overlook, we could see across to a tour boat stop.


This next view is of the waterflow coming out of Jackson Dam.


Then it was back to the RV for dinner and an evening of rest…no cell phone signal, no internet (this will be posted later)…only quiet time for us.  Tomorrow the plan is to head back north into Yellowstone and see what it looks like for getting into the park later in the week.

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