Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Week in Cheyenne

I don’t really have much to report for the last week although we seem to have kept ourselves busy somehow.  Last Friday, I took Bailie into the driver’s licensing office to get her license.  We had a long wait, but she was successful!

Saturday, Butch and family packed up their recycling items and took them in that afternoon.

Ken, Bailie, Butch, and Eric behind Butch.


Eric even has his own hardhat for working with his dad.


On Monday, Ken made a return visit to Skip’s office for his second series of synthetic rooster comb injections to his knees.

We drove the RV to Jolley Rogers RV on the east side of town Wednesday to get the slide awning replaced that had been damaged during the storm in Colby, KS.

In this photo, the old slide topper has been removed.


And here, they’re inserting the new slide awning.


The remaining photos are of a truck and trailer that were being stored at Jolley Rogers.


It’s Martini Time



And the logo on the side of the truck.


That’s it until the next update!

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