Friday, July 12, 2013

7/12/2013–Thermopolis, WY–The Wyoming Dinosaur Center

When we left the RV this morning we first headed over to the Visitor’s Center to pick up any literature we may have missed at other locations.  Once done there, we drove to The Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming.


The following photos are just a small sampling of what is there.  They have some very large displays, but we found the lighting in the exhibit very difficult to work around to get any decent photos.

There were several pieces similar to this one with many of the same types of fossils in one clump.


This one looked like a predecessor to an alligator.


This looked like a sea turtle.


This is the only known Albertaceratops on display in the world.


After visiting the museum, we decided to drive back out to look at the bison range and look for another possible range area in town.  We couldn’t find the other area, but the same bulls were hanging out close to where we found them yesterday.



We drove north of town and stopped at an overlook looking down at the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Spring.



We continued a little further north to a historical marker for the Bridger Trail – Bighorn River Crossing.


We turned back toward town and stopped to get a photo of this deer with some pretty impressive antlers.


We stopped in town for an ice cream treat before heading back to the RV.  Tomorrow we will be driving about 100 miles to Cody, Wyoming for a couple of nights.

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