Friday, August 2, 2013

7/17/2013–A Day Trip to Old Faithful

When we got going on the morning of 7/17, we didn’t have any particular destination in mind other than to drive about 8 miles north to look at another campground near Teton National Park.

This is our campsite in Teton’s Colter Bay Campground.


We hadn’t packed a lunch to bring with us for the day, but we decided to drive on into see Old Faithful for the day and get some lunch in that area.  Old Faithful was great…the lunch was just okay.


Driving back to the campground, we go by Lewis Falls.


We decided to make a trip to Jackson the following day.


Donna K said...

Nice picture of Old Faithful. I would love to go back and see it again.

IdahoRV said...

Thanks, Donna. Would have loved to have been there this week though when Old UnReliable erupted. That hasn't happened for years!

Keith Johnson said...

You definitely caught some great shots. Sometimes I forget how beautiful old faithful is! I'm sure you had a great trip!

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