Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1/30/2013–A Relaxing Day in Parker, AZ

It was a pretty laid back day for us today.  We started out with a big breakfast of english muffins, eggs, hash browns, and link sausage.  After breakfast, I got spaghetti sauce started in the slow cooker.  Shortly after that, Sue invited us to join them for dinner at their place.  Okay…so the spaghetti sauce can cook and we can eat it another day.  Later, I made some brownies to accompany our meal this evening.

Once the brownies came out of the oven, we headed into Parker to try to find out more about the race.  We stopped at the Blue Water Casino and picked up some information, but Ken still is not finding the information he really wants….he was hoping for a list of the race entrants and more information that explains the various classes that run in the Parker 425.  We headed back to the truck and drove to the other side of the casino where we found this truck racing around the parking lot.  This one should be very much like the one Ken expects Robby Gordon to be driving.



We returned to camp and as it was another beautiful day, we sat outside visiting and enjoying the nice weather.  It’s just a small dot above the hillside, but this small flying machine was apparently out checking out the race course.


Sue is looking pretty darned relaxed!


and Jerry looks serious…


…but not for long…Ron and Diana’s dog Keisha knows that Jerry has a dog biscuit hidden under his cap.  She worked at it for quite a while but finally found her reward.


After happy hour, we rejoined everyone in Jerry & Sue’s RV and had a very good, but messy, meal of ribs and side dishes.  After dinner, we returned to the RV for an evening of tv and computers.  Tomorrow (Thursday) is the start of the Parker 425 events and we’ll be headed into town to see the Downtown Experience.

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BJ said...

Looking forward to seeing your posts and pictures of the race.