Wednesday, January 23, 2013

01/23/13–Another Day in Quartzsite & a Jana Update

I was up early this morning and caught a beautiful sunrise (through our screened window).


We were on the road late this morning and made another trip to the landfill as this the last day they are open until Sunday.  From there, we headed back to town and did a drive by of a lot our friends Bruce & Nena own in town.  It’s a very nice lot and we were able to report back to them that the lot was empty as the expected.  We continued to the west end of Main St and found a parking spot in the Main Event and spent about an hour exploring the stores in that area.  We went through 2 large buildings which (in my opinion) sell nothing but dollar store rejected merchandise.  Across from those buildings, there were a few RVers set up with their antique sales.  We couldn’t believe all the empty space in this area compared to our last trip here 5-6 years ago.  We stopped for lunch at the Quartzsite Yacht Club and had good service and a good meal.

We headed back to the RV with the intention of completing a few projects, but stopped at Scaddan Wash to visit our friends from Spokane Elks Ernie and Vivien.  After a visit with them, we returned to the RV with good intentions of getting something done.  But it didn’t take much for us to get waylaid visiting John and Jana just long enough to not accomplish anything.

The black and blue is spreading to Jana’s left eye and forehead and she says her knee is really hurting, but she’s a trooper and it’s not slowing her down.  Our best wishes to Jana for a very quick recovery!!


After our visit, we headed back to the RV to dine on shrimp quesadillas and our usual tv, computer, reading routine.  Tomorrow we’ll be meeting up with other members of Spokane Elks lodge for pizza at Silly Al’s.

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