Sunday, January 20, 2013

1/20/2013–The Desert Bar

While we’re boondocking out in the desert, we don’t have easy access to disposing of our garbage.  However, just north of Quartzsite, La Paz County has a landfill which is open Sunday – Wednesday between the hours of 7:30am and 2:30pm.  Once we got going this morning, that was our first stop of the day on our planned trip to the Desert Bar north of Parker, AZ.


From our RV, it was about 50miles to the turnoff on Cienego Springs Rd and then just under 5 miles to the Desert Bar.  We followed 3 other vehicles along the washboard road,


but could see the dust of other vehicles further along the road.


Once we were parked, there was an elevated walkway across to the main bar.


We arrived there somewhere around 11:15am, so it wasn’t too busy at the bar yet.


This fireplace seemed to be held in place by it’s chimney.


This photo is from the lower level looking back up at the walkway.  The girl in the pink shirt is the cashier and takes orders for lunch.  There are also meals available at the bar on the upper level, but there was a notation on the menu about no cheese for burgers or any other item for that matter.


We both ordered tri tip sandwiches and mine came with grilled onions and peppers.  It was very good!


After lunch we walked around and saw this one bank of batteries that runs the solar system for the bar.


We could also look across the lower level, with the walkway to the left and the parking area in the background.


As we walked back over the bridge to the truck, we looked down at the long line to order food.  That made us feel a lot better about the early lunch.


And here are a few of the solar panels.


Driving back toward Hwy 95 on Cienega Springs Rd, we passed at least 60 vehicles headed in to the Desert Bar.  Another plus for the early meal.


Back in Parker, we couldn’t find a laundromat by looking on our GPS and driving through parts of the town.  We stopped by Walmart for a few items then started driving back to Quartzsite.  Wouldn’t you know it…we found the laundromat as we were leaving town and it was in a place where I wouldn’t have seen it as we arrived in Parker.  Oh well, there’s always another day for laundry!

In Quartzsite, you’re likely to see some very unusual RV’s, vehicles, people and almost anything else you can think of.  On our return to town, we pulled up behind this van with a bull’s head out the window on the right side…


and a donkey with it’s head out the window on the other side of the van.


And that’s no bull!  Oh wait…yes it is!


Back at the RV, we got things put away and then joined the gang for happy hour before returning to the RV for some tv and computer time.

It looks like laundry and a return to the big tent may be in store for us tomorrow.

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