Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/22/2013–Shopping the Vendors in Tyson Wells

Late this morning, we took a tour of the vendors in the Tyson Wells area north of the Big Tent in Quartzsite.  When in this area, you see it all and we saw this very unique RV set up at one of the vendor sites.


The back of the bus was set up as a blacksmith shop.  I’m guessing they really have to watch for the low clearance bridges…but it could be that it doesn’t move either.


For our friend Glenn back in Arizona City, we had to get some photos at this flute vendor.


This rack of flutes had animals and/or birds as a part of them on the upper left side.4

I’m not sure what to call these flutes, but they’re an “A” shape and were interesting.


I didn’t get a photo today of the area where we are camped, but a good majority of the Escapees have moved on to other areas.  We decided to stay here to keep an eye on John & Jana’s 5th wheel as they were gone for a few days to California for doctor appointments and were due back today.  They returned a little later than we expected them but still were here before dark.  Jana tripped over a sprinkler at their house in California and ended up in the emergency room last night


Luckily, she still has her wonderful sense of humor!  I think she’ll be hurting for a few days.


After visiting with them for a while, we returned to the RV for a night of our usual tv, computing and reading.


Molly and Bob said...

Oh, so sorry for Jana! She is so lovely inside and out...sending hugs!
It was nice to see both of you here in Q...hugs to both of you!

BJ said...

Ouch! That looks like it hurts. So nice of you to keep an eye on their rig.