Friday, January 18, 2013

1/18/2013–A Day Checking Out Quartzsite

We headed out from the RV late in the morning to look for a few items we needed for the RV.

From the bridge over I-10 on US95 we could see the busy areas on the west side of 95 and south side of I-10.


The big tent seen in the background in the middle left side of this photo will open for the RV show on Saturday.


We walked around the area south of the big tent and saw this gas driven ice cream machine, visited with the Too Crazy Ladies, and had lunch at one of the vendor stands.


This photo is looking south toward an entrance into the big tent area.  It’s not too busy today, but will be packed tomorrow.


We drove through the long term visitor area and found Santa’s RV and toad.  It’s quite a change of pace from his Christmas Eve vehicle.




In that same area, we found another unusual tow vehicle.


We stopped at a parking spot near Gamblers RV and walked over there to look around and didn’t find any of the items we needed from our list, so we returned to our campsite to get ready for the 3:30pm potluck.  Although several RV’s pulled out throughout the day, there are still several here and there was a good turnout for the potluck with a large amount of food.


Needless to say, we’re having a good time here in Quartzsite visiting with longtime friends and enjoying some great meals!

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