Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12/22/12–1/15/2013 Catching Up on the Blog Again

Here I am catching up on the blog again with a few photos.

There’s a vendor in Arizona City every Saturday selling shrimp and lobster tails from the Gulf of Mexico.  They were small, but we really enjoyed the lobster tails cooked on the grill.


On Christmas Eve Day, we drove south on Sunland Gin Road and logged about 10 geocaches.  Here’s Ken looking for one in the brush.


We got a kick out of this Christmas display in a yard in town.


It was just the two of us at the house for Christmas dinner and we prepared another fried turkey.


We were finally able to enjoy a fantastic meal at Glenn and Sheila’s.


On January 6th, we drove to Yuma and dry camped behind the VFW for a few nights joining our friends from the Spokane Elks lodge.



and Ernie.


Here’s the RV parked behind the VFW.


Lettuce is being harvested in the fields in Yuma.


We moved to a lot in the Yuma foothills last Friday for some work to be completed on the RV.  That was good timing as Ken got sick and it was nice to have the full 50amp hookups.  We’ve mostly been staying put with Ken getting lots of sleep, and I’ve been busy setting up a new computer that has replaced my old one which has been acting up.

Ken says he’s feeling better this afternoon, so we will tentatively be on our way to Quartzsite on Wednesday.

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