Saturday, January 19, 2013

1/19/2013–The RV Show in the Big Tent Opens

The RV Show in the big ten at Quartzsite opened this morning.  We drove over there around 10am this morning and quickly found a parking spot and it didn’t seem overly crowded when we started looking through the tent.  We purchased a couple of LED bulbs for our florescent fixtures and Ken installed them when we got back to the RV.  So far, we’re really pleased with the brightness of them compared to some we got a couple of years ago.


They’re making some high class golf carts now.  I didn’t ask the price, and I didn’t want to know.



Dennis cleans up pretty good!


And Carol gets her nurse’s pin…Nurse Crachet that is.


Denny purchased a new toy at the market today.  It looks like a fishing pole and cooks 4 marshmallows or 2 hotdogs…just what every guy needs!


That’s it for today.


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