Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/17/2013–A Warmer Day in Quartzsite, AZ

After our morning routine of computer, breakfast, etc. we were on the road to see if there would be a long line at the post office to pick up our mail that arrived there yesterday.  I walked into the building at 10:50am to find out that we couldn’t pick up general delivery mail until 11am.  There were only 6-7 people in the lobby waiting for that time, so I got into line behind them, and we were on the road with 20-25 minutes.  What a surprise from previous years here where we waited in line for 1-2 hours…but of course, the RV show hasn’t started yet.  From there, we drove down to the west end of town looking for the store that sold tow bars and accessories.  It wasn’t in the location where we remembered, so it may have gone out of business or moved.  We drove to a few other stores to look into getting a little big larger propane heater for the RV, but due to the recent below freezing nights here, there were none to be found (of the type that we were looking for).

As it was a warmer day in Quartzsite, there seemed to be more people at the Escapees RV Club happy hour than yesterday.

Molly climbed the ladder on the back of an RV to take photos of the crowd.


I think Bob is suggesting she get off that ladder before she falls down.


Here’s just a small portion of the folks enjoying the music and happy hour.


This very unique motorcycle was parked at the event this afternoon.


Dennis & Carol’s little green man feels the pain from the ATV accident and has his head bandaged too.


One happy hour wasn’t enough for us today, so we drove out to Escapees Boomerville to see our friends Jerry & Sue.  There was a big crowd there too and this is just a portion of them.


We had a nice visit with Sue, Jerry, and their relates Ron & Diana.  As we were leaving Boomerville and heading back to our RV, Ken saw this parasailer flying over the area.

First a more distant shot…and then


a closeup.


Back at the RV, we had a quick dinner of tilapia and green salad and it was nice to be able to keep the door open for a while.  After that it was another routine evening of computer, tv, and reading.

Ken may have an ATV trip lined up for Friday, so we’ll see what happens.

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